Gunmen Kidnap Catholic Chancellor in Abakaliki

In a distressing incident on Monday, a Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Joseph Azubuike, along with three unidentified individuals, were abducted by gunmen in Ebonyi State. The Chancellor of the Abakaliki Diocese, Rev. Father Mathew Opoke, confirmed the incident in a statement issued on Tuesday.

According to Rev. Father Opoke, the kidnapping occurred near Rev. Fr. Azubuike’s parish as he was returning from his evangelical duties.

The abduction of Rev. Fr. Joseph Azubuike, a revered member of the clergy, has sent shockwaves through the community. The identity and motives of the kidnappers remain unknown at this time. The incident highlights the prevailing security challenges faced by individuals in certain regions of Nigeria.

Efforts are underway by local authorities and law enforcement agencies to secure the safe release of the kidnapped individuals. The Catholic community, along with concerned citizens, is deeply concerned for their well-being and is praying for their swift and unharmed return.

Cases of abduction have unfortunately become all too common in various parts of Nigeria, posing a significant threat to the safety and security of individuals. It is imperative that concerted efforts be made to address the underlying causes of such criminal activities and enhance security measures to ensure the protection of citizens and religious leaders.