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Huawei Quietly Launches Mate 60 Pro, Sparks Online Buzz and Speculation

Huawei, the Chinese tech giant that has been facing U.S. sanctions and global scrutiny, has surprised its fans and rivals by launching pre-sales of its latest flagship phone, the Mate 60 Pro, without any prior announcement or hype.

The Mate 60 Pro, which is currently available in a 12GB+512GB storage variant in China, appeared on Huawei’s official website two weeks before the scheduled launch event on September 15. The phone also brings some unique features, such as three punch-hole cutouts for the front cameras, satellite calling capabilities, and an adjustable aperture camera that can switch between f/1.8 and f/2.4.

The phone’s sudden appearance has ignited buzz among Chinese online users, who have praised Huawei for its innovation and resilience amid the U.S. pressure. Some users have also expressed their eagerness to buy the phone as soon as possible, fearing that it might run out of stock due to limited supply.

However, the phone’s processor and network bands remain a mystery, as Huawei has not listed any details on its website. The company has also declined to comment on whether the phone supports 5G or not, which has triggered speculation among some observers and analysts.

A trusted leaker has claimed that the phone is powered by an in-house Kirin chipset with a custom GPU, but did not mention anything about 5G. This suggests that Huawei might still be struggling to secure enough 5G chips for its flagship phones, as the U.S. sanctions have cut off its access to key suppliers and technologies.

Huawei has been facing a series of challenges since the U.S. government placed it on a trade blacklist in 2019, accusing it of posing a national security threat. The company has denied any wrongdoing and vowed to overcome the difficulties.

The Mate 60 Pro is expected to be Huawei’s last flagship phone of the year, and possibly the last one to feature a Kirin chipset. The phone’s official launch event is scheduled for September 15, where Huawei might reveal more details and specifications about the device.

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