I Was Poisoned At PDP Campaign Secretariat- Wike

Wike 1

Nyesom Wike, the immediate past governor of Rivers State, has recounted his experience of being poisoned in his party’s secretariat in 2018 and how God helped him survive the ordeal.

Speaking on Sunday, June 18, at his family’s Thanksgiving service at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Rumuepirikom Deanery of the Diocese of Niger Delta North, Wike recalled that he had liver and kidney failure in 2018 as a result of ingesting poison, which was discovered in a hospital in Beirut, Lebanon, after the poisoning. He said that in December 2018, he was scheduled to attend Chief Emeka Woke’s Thanksgiving but was unable to do so because of his poisoning-related incapacitation.

“Starting on that Sunday, I never left my room. It was terrible, but those who were present at the 2019 State Banquet on January 1st will recall that I remained silent throughout the event. I simply sat down and asked my deputy governor to represent me. Nobody was aware of what was happening. I was whisked out of the country at midnight after the banquet because I mistakenly believed it was over.

When we arrived in Beirut, I was gazing at the physicians, and they were looking at me. They didn’t provide me with any information. We must take a lot of tests, they said. The following morning, they returned and reported that it was horrible. My liver and kidneys had both failed.

I was poisoned at our campaign secretariat, but I was completely unaware of it. My intestines were completely dark. The doctors made every effort. But by the grace of God, who immediately began repairing his damaged organs, God miraculously changed what would have been a terrible situation. Wike stated.
In addition, Wike recounted that his wife, Hon. Justice Eberechi Suzzette Nyesom-Wike, called him from London in the days before the 2022 People’s Democratic Party presidential campaign to inform him that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

The former governor claimed to have been saddened by the news and to have even considered withdrawing from the presidential election, but his wife persuaded him otherwise.

He declared that she eventually recovered from cancer and had her life saved, all to the glory of God.