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I will make education free and accessible for all Nigerians -Peter Obi

As the nation awaits the verdict of the election tribunal, Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, has reiterated his commitment to improving education in Nigeria. He said that he would make primary and secondary education free for all Nigerians, and introduce different models of funding for tertiary education, including education loans.

Obi made these remarks on Saturday, July 29, 2023, during a twitter space hosted by Parallel Facts. He answered questions from Nigerians on various topics, including education.

One of the questions he was asked was how he would have handled the recent increase in school fees for public universities, which sparked protests and outcry from students and parents. Obi said that he believes that primary and secondary education should be free for all Nigerians, as part of the universal basic education policy. He said that he would work with the states to fund education aggressively, using savings from subsidy removal and other sources.

He also said that he would support different models of funding for tertiary education, based on the population and needs of each university. He said that he would ensure that education taxes are used for education purposes only, and that he would introduce education loans for students who cannot afford to pay fees.

Obi said that investing in education is crucial for the development of Nigeria, as it would improve the skills and knowledge of the population, and reduce poverty and inequality. He said that he has a track record of improving education in Anambra State when he was governor, and that he would replicate his success at the national level if elected president.

Obi’s response was well received by many Nigerians who listened to the twitter space, as they praised him for his sincerity, vision, and competence. Some of his supporters also shared his response on social media, using the hashtag #PeterObiOnParallelFacts

Obi who was one of the leading contenders for the presidency in 2023, having emerged as the Labour Party candidate in 2023 elections. He is known for his business acumen, integrity, and modesty. He was previously a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and was the vice-presidential candidate in 2019, running with Atiku Abubakar.

He has been attracting support from many young Nigerians, who call themselves “Obidients”, and who see him as an alternative to the old and corrupt politicians who have dominated Nigerian politics for decades.