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Immigration Officer In Ogun Kills Protester Over N200 Bribe


Indigenes and residents of the Idigbo community in the Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State have made an appeal to the state government to find the trigger-happy officer of the Nigeria Immigration Service, simply identified as Lamba, who allegedly shot and killed one, Jacob Bamgbola, during a protest in the community. They believe that Lamba is responsible for the death of Jacob Bamgbola.

According to information obtained by Vanguard from reliable sources, Bamgbola was transporting his sister’s daughter to a destination in the community on a motorcycle when he was stopped by immigration officers at a checkpoint on the expressway along the Ijoun end of the Idiroko expressway. The immigration officers demanded N200 from Bamgbola before allowing him to continue with his journey.

According to the information that was further acquired, Bamgbola did not comply with the officers’ request and stated that he had not done anything illegal that would merit him handing them N200.

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An argument ensued as a result of the situation, and while some of the cops were questioning other drivers, Bamgbola took advantage of the fact that a significant amount of attention was not being focused on him and sped away.

When he arrived at his sister’s house, the first thing he did was drop off his niece, and then he proceeded to tell some young people in the neighborhood about his experience with the immigration police.

It was discovered that the young people, some of whom had previously encountered similar interactions on the road touching on allegations of extortion by immigration officers, had mobilized themselves to go to the home of a Chief in the community named Moses Faleye in order to file their complaints about the treatment they had received.

According to the source, immigration officers entered the area during the protest and were attempting to disperse the protesters when they allegedly shot and killed Bamgbola.

It said that “Bamgbola went to carry his sister’s daughter, and on his way back, he met Immigration officers on the road.” “Bamgbola went to carry his sister’s daughter.” At the airport checkpoint, those cops are there at all times. They were going to take N200 from him, but he refused to give it to them when they stopped him.

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“He explained to them that he was a native of the Otun village, so there was no reason for him to give them any money. After he left, he spoke about the situation to a few young people, and those young people quickly organized themselves and went to the Baale’s residence to lodge their complaints about the actions of the officers. However, within a few minutes, immigration authorities arrived in a van.

While the Baale was attempting to bring peace to the situation, the immigration officers began firing, and in the midst of the gunfight, one of the officers known as Lamba shot Bamgbola. When Bamgbola passed away, the young people were attempting to rush him to the hospital.

Adesina Alabi, who is the chairman of the vigilance group in the town, expressed his displeasure with the development and stated that security officers were fond of extorting money from motorists and pedestrians along the route.

“Just come over to this side of the road and observe how the police, Customs agents, immigration officers, and others will just set up roadblocks and try to extort money from cars. “There is simply too much of it,” he remarked.

After being contacted, Falaye referred to the sequence of events that led to Bamgbola’s death as tragic and emphasized that the conflict ought to have been resolved in an amicable manner.

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He explained, “It took place right in front of my house.” The town’s younger residents gathered to voice their disapproval of the actions taken by immigration police in our neighborhood by showing up at town hall.

“While I was attempting to calm them down, some immigration agents arrived, and as soon as they saw the children and teenagers, they began firing their weapons into the air. A bullet struck one person during the course of the events, which ultimately led to his death.

“After the event, the case was reported at the Igbokofi Police Station, and the policemen came with cameras and took statements from us,” the author writes. “After the incident, the case was reported at the Igbokofi Police Station.”

Olajide Oshifeso, the spokesperson for the National Investigation Service in the state, said that the command is aware of the event after being contacted.

He went on to say that “the matter is already being investigated, and when it is completed, details of the matter will be made public.”

On the other hand, Omolola Odutola, the Police Public Relations Officer for the Ogun State Command, requested that our correspondent get in touch with NIS.