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BIG STORY: Yakubu Mahmoud damns Nigeria Judiciary; IREV FCT’s Results Disabled

Yakubu Mahmoud
Yakubu Mahmoud, INEC Chairman.

If 25% in FCT was not mandatory In presidential Elections, why is the embattled INEC Chairman Yakubu Mahmood and his team trying to criminally give APC 25%?

Tampering with evidence is regarded as any activity that destroys, modifies, conceals, or falsifies any type of evidence, according to the National Criminal Lawyers (NCL). The concept of evidence is also very broad, encompassing any object, document, or record that is valuable to an investigation or inquiry. This is a serious charge with serious consequences. Section 120 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria Fabricating evidence 

Any person who, with intent to mislead any tribunal in any judicial proceeding

(1) fabricates evidence by any means other than perjury, counselling, or procuring the commission of perjury; or

(2) knowingly makes use of such fabricated evidence,

is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprisonment for seven years. The offender cannot be arrested without a warrant.


Why might the above be of interest to you? This is why:

Just as Nigerians awoke to the news that Bola Ahmed Tinubu had been declared winner under dubious circumstances, undermining important constitutional provisions, one of which is the 25% in the two-thirds states AND the FCT, It felt like deja vu waking up on Monday, June 26th, to find Polling Unit Results that were previously visible to everyone who went to the IREV portal missing.

“My attention was drawn to the IREV this evening, and it appears that INEC has disabled viewing of many PU results in the FCT, Abuja,” tweeted General Oluchi, a vocal Obidient. I’m not sure how many states are impacted. If you are able, please check your state.

The results of polling units in Kwali Ward, Yangoji, Pai Ward 3, Kilankwa, Dafa, and other areas are no longer available on IREV.

In the early hours of Monday, I wondered, “What is INEC up to?” Other Nigerians, both in the FCT and elsewhere in the country, corroborated the same.

Certain data professionals (who had testified for LP in the ongoing PEPT) opted to look into the clamour within 24 hours, and the results are as follows:

As of 11 p.m. CAT, there were 1,681 disabled results out of a total of 2,644 polling units in the FCT, or approximately 63.6%.


For the disabled results, this is what is currently visible on the Portal for each of them:



All access to this object has been disabled.





While every vote in every part of the country counts, the investigation team focused mainly on the FCT for the purpose of this report because of the provision of the constitution mentioned earlier in which AND has become a serious bone of contention that requires interpretation despite previous related judgements leaning more towards the side of the petitioners.


The fact that the election results are still under dispute in court and that the IREV results printout is one of the pieces of evidence the petitioners have provided to support their case makes this development frightening. Now that the petitioners have closed their opening arguments and the Respondents will start theirs on July 3rd, these changes being made on IREV could not have come at a more suspicious time. Particularly since there are no forthcoming elections in the FCT, one wonders what INEC is reconfiguring, especially if you take into account that the last time the systems were reconfigured, despite assuring the court that every data was backed up and would be made available when needed, the same INEC came back to tell the courts that certain key election data like the Accreditation figures were missing. And somehow, every time the system goes dark, LP numbers reduce in favour of the APC.

We at ParallelFacts are wondering, just like the General public.


BY Anike Ade/ MUSA A.