Dele Farotimi

INEC’s Explanation Of A ‘Technical Glitch’ Contradicts Common Logic – Dele Farotimi

Dele Farotimi, a former spokesperson for the Labour Party’s (LP) Presidential Campaign Council for the 2023 election, claimed that the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) explanation of a technical error was inconsistent with common sense.

In an interview that aired on Politics Today on Channels Television on Wednesday, Farotimi said this.

Except for INEC, according to the Labour Party, everything went according to plan on February 25.

“All the evidence is quite clear,” he asserted, “and it is very evident that everything that should have worked on that day did so, with the exception of INEC. INEC’s institutional integrity was exiled.

The Bimodal Voter Registration Systems (BVAS) failed to transfer the presidential election results in real-time to the commission’s Result Viewing Portal (IReV), according to INEC spokesman Festus Okoye, who blamed a “technical glitch.”
“Mr. Festus Okoye should have resigned or been someplace drafting a statement explaining to Nigerians what transpired in a normal environment where people are still controlled by reason. 

Okoye claimed that the IReV portal was used for the National Assembly, Governorship, and State Assembly elections in his defense.

However, Farotimi, a supporter of Peter Obi of the Labour Party, who finished third in the poll, claimed that Okoye ought to have apologized to Nigerians for the electoral umpire’s failure to keep its commitment to send election results electronically throughout the polls.

The stalwarts of the Labour Party claimed that INEC’s rationale for the technical issue that marred the presidential election on February 25 was illogical.

He declared that INEC is a public organization that must follow the law in order to function. It promoted its rules, as well as BVAS, IReV, and everything else. Nigerians received a loud message from INEC informing them of the system’s outcome, and they gave us assurances.

“Glitch? Is there a flaw in the human brain? A technical fault or a glitch brought on by the total cessation of human conscience? said he.

Farotimi argued that Okoye’s rationale for the technical issue that marred the presidential election on February 25 was illogical.

Recall that Obi and PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar are currently contesting President Bola Tinubu’s declaration by INEC as the election’s winner in court.