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Instagram’s Threads Surpasses ChatGPT as Fastest-Growing App with 100 Million Users in 5 Days

Instagram’s new app, Threads, has taken the world by storm, surpassing 100 million users in just 5 days after its launch, making it the fastest-growing app, even beating ChatGPT, which passed the mark after two months. Thread is a brand-new platform for joining online discussions and sharing text updates that the Instagram team created. You log in using your Instagram account, and posts can be up to 500 characters long and include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length.

But that’s not all. The company has many new features in the pipeline to address early user complaints. In addition to the option to only see posts from those you are following, you can expect to see a more comprehensive search function, hashtags, direct messages, the ability to see posts in chronological order, and Fediverse support.

The app also blends Instagram’s existing aesthetic and navigation system and offers the ability to share posts from Threads directly to Instagram Stories. With its massive growth and plans to add more features later on, Threads is definitely an app to watch.

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri has been very active on Threads and has spoken about the various updates they will be bringing to the app as soon as possible. One of the main complaints from users has been that they are seeing too many posts from people they don’t follow and have no interest in seeing. Adam had this to say about what they are going to do to remedy this, among other things.

The hundred million signups are very impressive in such a short period of time, but as of right now, there are no signups coming from those in the EU, as they aren’t allowing the app to be distributed due to privacy concerns. This could well be linked to the fact that if you want to delete your Threads account, you can only do this by deleting your entire Instagram account.