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Islamization Agenda: DSS should invite El-Rufai – MBF

Nasir El rufai
El-Rufai Islamic Hegemony Remark: Kaduna State Peace Commission’

In light of a recent Islamization speech attributed to him, the Middle Belt Forum, a regional organisation from the Middle Belt region, yesterday referred to Nasir el-Rufai, the recently outgoing governor of Kaduna State, as a dangerous politician and requested that the Department of State Service, or DSS, call him in for investigation.

It also made people aware that, despite denials, the agenda for Nigeria’s deliberate Islamization was real and not a coincidence.

The MBF urged Bola Tinubu and the incumbent governor of Kaduna State, Uba Sani, to keep a distance from him in a statement released by its national publicity secretary, Dr. Isuwa Dogo.
The group was responding to what it called el-Rufai’s controversial remarks made on the eve of his resignation, in which he explained how he and other individuals plotted to install the same-faith ticket in Kaduna State, which was then successfully reproduced at the federal level.
In the video clip, the former governor recalled how he and others were determined to keep the Muslim-Muslim ticket in place for another 20 years so that Christians would accept it as essential to maintaining peace in Kaduna State and the federal government.

However, Dogo claimed that el-Rufai failed to inform his chosen preachers that the state he oversaw for eight years had become the hub for kidnappings and other atrocities against humans that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people and the destruction of over 100 communities.

“There is no question that the former governor continues to pose a real threat to the stability of our country now and in the future. He is covertly working for an organisation that is ready to establish the supremacy of the Islamic faith in the halls of power.

“Neither Bola Ahmed Tinubu nor Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani should associate with him.

“We must keep this small but dangerous manipulator away from the halls of power. He is skilled in the politics of deploying religious sentiments. He has developed into a national menace that needs to be averted at all costs.

“The forum calls on the Nigerian security authorities to not only keep the former governor on their radar but also to invite him over for a chat with the secret police. 

The man with an inferiority complex must be viewed as a dangerous politician riding on the back of religion for relevance in light of the remarks he made before the clerics.

“We, hereby, denounce el-Rufai’s remarks before the clerics as a reprehensible act of national hypocrisy steeped in the premeditated plot to set adherents of both religions on warpath,” the statement reads.

Dogo criticised el-Rufai’s “and his nebulous co-travellers’ outrageously dishonest attempts to push our nation down the slippery slope of religious tension and bigotry.”

He claimed that Nigerians were deeply disappointed by the former governor’s outburst, which was meant to fan religious conflagration and undermine the stability of the Nigerian state, as evidenced by the uproar over the el-Rufai video clip.
“The unfortunate remarks by this bigot, who is mistakenly regarded as a nationalist and public intellectual, portray him as a divisive leader who not only thrives in creating chaos but also reveals him as an irredeemable religious extremist whose antecedents as governor showcase him as a treacherous enemy of Nigeria that must be barred from the corridor of power,” he said.

The forum has never previously been duped by the former governor’s pretentiousness, whose specialty is dividing people while disguising it as patriotism and public intellectualism.

Not a few people concurred with the National Assembly’s recommendation when the Senate ruled that a person cannot occupy public office if he speaks before he thinks. Unfortunately, he rose to prominence and directed his sadistic vitriol at both Christians and Muslims.