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Israeli Supreme Court Battle Netanyahu, to Hear Appeals Against Legislation Curbing Its Powers

Israel’s Supreme Court has announced that it will review appeals challenging newly passed legislation aimed at significantly restricting its authority. The law, which severely curtails the court’s ability to overturn government decisions based on “reasonableness,” was passed by the leading far-right coalition, sparking widespread protests.

The court’s decision on the constitutionality of the law could potentially lead to a confrontation with the government.

The far-right coalition’s Monday vote on the contentious legislation has sparked protests and outrage from the general public. The law aims to limit the Supreme Court’s ability to intervene in government decisions, raising concerns about checks and balances and the preservation of judicial independence.

In September, the Supreme Court is set to hear the appeals challenging the new law’s validity. Should the court rule that the legislation is unconstitutional, it would set the stage for a potential clash between the judiciary and the government, deepening the already contentious situation.

The issue has far-reaching implications for the future of Israel’s democratic institutions and the separation of powers. The independence of the judiciary is a crucial element in safeguarding democratic principles and ensuring the protection of citizens’ rights.

As the legal battle looms, the country will closely watch the Supreme Court’s proceedings, awaiting a decision that could have significant ramifications for the balance of power and governance in Israel. The outcome will likely shape the nation’s political landscape and impact the country’s democratic framework.

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