Boko Haram

ISWAP Threatens Farmers, Fishermen, And Herders In Borno


The Islamic State of the West African Province (ISWAP) terrorist group has reportedly banned all farmers, fishermen, and herders from entering its areas of presence in the North East of Marte local government area in Borno State as a result of sustained and well-coordinated airstrikes by the Nigerian Air Force against the group, Vanguard has learned.

Marte, which was previously under the hands of Boko Haram terrorists before being freed by the Military Joint Task Force, is a border town with Chad and other settlements in the Cameroun Republic.

After accusing them of spying on their activities for the Nigerian military, it was learned that the ISWAP Leadership pledged to kill any farmers or fishermen discovered in the general vicinity of Katikime, Bulungahe, Kutukungunla, Chikun Gudu, Tumbumma, Guma Kura, and Guma Gana.

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The decision was made after the terrorist group suffered numerous severe setbacks from persistent airstrikes coordinated by the Nigerian military in some identified hideouts in Marte, as previously reported by Vanguard. These airstrikes resulted in the deaths of top ISWAP Commanders, the killing of numerous foot soldiers, the destruction of their logistics, their VBIED factory, and vehicles, as well as the deprivation of their sanctuary and freedom of action by forcing the evacuation of the terrorist group.

Over 100 terrorists were killed as a result of some of these airstrikes at Grazah and Wa-Jahode, which are on the outskirts of the Mandara Mountains.

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In the same manner, NAF airstrikes in Jibularam and Sabon Tumbum resulted in the deaths of two ISWAP Commanders, Amir Malam Bello and Amir Malam Musa Modu, as well as a large number of their fighters.

Numerous fighters were killed as a result of additional airstrikes that were conducted at Kwalaram, Bukar Mairam, Abbaganaram, and Yarwa Kura. Other fighters were forced to flee while suffering various degrees of injuries.

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As previously mentioned, NAF Command in Borno recently used firepower after spotting a group of Boko Haram terrorists converging in Amchille, Geiza, on its intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) platform, killing several of their fighters and destroying their vehicle during a daring nighttime raid.

Another destructive airstrike was launched at an area in Marte identified as Andakar, Musari, and Klabariya. ISWAP militants who had fled from Kwalaram and Bukar Mairam were killed as a result of the attack that was directed at them.

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The most recent one took place on July 6, 2023, when a large number of militants were neutralized at Tumbum Shittu in another expertly timed, intelligence-driven air strike by the Air Force brigade.

The terrorists were obliged to divide into five camps inside Marte as a result of the offensive’s success in order to prevent any kind of mass assembly. They decided to only congregate at a site designated as “LARGE” when it was necessary to organize an attack of any kind.

The people of the North East have expressed a renewed faith in the ability of the Chief of Defense Staff, Maj. Gen. Christopher Musa; the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Maj. Gen. Maj.-Gen. Taoheed Lagbaja; the Naval Chief, Rear Admiral Ikechukwu Ogalla; and the NAF, under the leadership of Air Marshall Hassan Abubakar, to finally exterminate the last terrorists hiding out in the region.