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Judge Issues Restraining Order on Rubiales from Approaching Hermoso

After Luis Rubiales, a former football executive, appeared in court to be investigated for sexual assault after kissing national team player Jenni Hermoso on the lips, the investigating judge at Spain’s High Court issued a restraining order preventing Rubiales from approaching Hermoso.

The incident took place during the medal presentation after Spain’s women’s team won the World Cup on August 20 in Sydney, Australia. It sparked outrage over sexism in Spanish sport and society and led to demonstrations like the “Me Too” movement.

As Luis Rubiales made his first court appearance for allegedly forcibly kissing footballer Jenni Hermoso, Spanish prosecutors asked that he be prohibited from coming within 500 metres of her.

The prosecutor in charge of the case stated that Rubiales, 46, was called before Madrid’s Audencia Nacional court, where he refuted Hermosa’s claims of sexual assault and coercion.

The preliminary inquiry into the allegations against Rubiales is being conducted by Judge De Jorge, who will subsequently decide whether the matter should proceed to trial.

According to public prosecutors’ office authorities, Rubiales might be sentenced to anything from a fine to four years in prison if proven guilty of sexual assault.