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Juventus Excluded From Uefa Conference League This Season

An agreement has been reached between Italian Football Club Juventus and UEFA that the club will not be participating in any UEFA competition this season.

Despite ending up in seventh place in Serie A last season and qualifying for the UEFA Conference League competition, the club will forfeit their spot to Fiorentina, who came in eighth.

Juventus has been met with several allegations of fraud in the past, with the latest being the “Capital Gains Case”. The directors of the club were accused of altering the real value of their players in the transfer market in order to be stable on their balance sheets and not be punished for exceeding UEFA’s Financial Fair Play.

The two-time Champions League winners have taken a bold move to liaise with the Football Association to expedite the inevitable sanctions that might befall them in the coming seasons by paying the price now so that there will be no sanctions from the 2024–25 season onwards.

In order to avoid any sanctions from Uefa for the 2024–25 Champions League next season, the club has decided to relinquish the third continental competition for which they qualified this season.