Abba Kabir Yusuf

Kano State Must Reclaim All Illegally Acquired Properties—Governor Yusuf Justifies Demolition


Abba Yusuf, the governor of Kano State, who has become renowned for the demolition exercise being carried out by his administration, has declared that the demolition was initiated in order to retrieve public properties that had been unlawfully obtained.

The governor made it clear that he will take the necessary steps to guarantee that all of these properties are brought back into use for the good of the citizens of the state.

To refresh your memory, Governor Yusuf issued an order during his inaugural speech on May 29 to security agents in the state to begin the process of demolishing facilities that are alleged to have been built “illegally” by the administration that was run by Abdullahi Ganduje just before his term.

Yusuf had stated that the exercise in destruction was a part of the fulfilment of his campaign pledge to “restore” the urban development blueprint of the state capital. This promise had been made during Yusuf’s election campaign.
Nevertheless, the governor, while speaking at the Sallah homage paid by the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, and members of the emirate council, observed that the demolition exercise was done to recover public properties while also affirming his administration’s commitment to the activity. This was done while the governor was speaking.

According to Hisham Habib, the governor’s spokeswoman, Governor Yusuf emphasised the importance of recovering public properties that members and associates of the previous administration had illegally acquired in a statement.

He said, “Your Highness, it is important for the emirate council to note that we embarked on the demolition exercise to reclaim public properties that were illegally acquired, and we will ensure that all such properties are restored for the benefit of the good people of Kano.” In other words, the purpose of the action was to reclaim public properties that had been illegally acquired.

The governor thanked the Emir and the council of the emirate for their visit, pointing out that it was the first visit of its sort since he took office and expressing thanks for the opportunity.