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Kanye West’s Twitter Account Reinstated After 8-Month Ban

Kanye West, the US rapper also known as Ye, has had his Twitter account reinstated after an almost eight-month ban due to offensive tweets.

The platform suspended his account in December 2022 for violating rules against incitement to violence after he posted offensive content, including a tweet with a symbol combining a swastika and the Star of David.

This was not the first time Ye faced consequences for his tweets, as he had previously been banned from both Twitter and Instagram for posting anti-Semitic messages and using a racial slur.

The account reinstatement comes after Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter (which he rebranded as X), conducted a poll to reinstate former US President Donald Trump’s account last year, which was subsequently restored. Kanye West has not posted anything new on his account since the reinstatement.