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Kenya Mourns As Road Crash Kills 49

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A government minister reported that the number of fatalities from a horrific traffic accident in western Kenya has increased to 49 as rescue workers tried to clear the debris where it is thought that more victims are still trapped.

On Friday evening, a truck that was hauling a shipping container lost control and ploughed into many other vehicles as well as people at a busy road junction, according to the police. This catastrophe is being called one of the deadliest accidents to occur in Kenya in the last few years.

“Unfortunately, we lost 49 people in an accident here in Londiani,” Transport Minister Kipchumba Murkomen told reporters on Saturday when he was at the scene of the incident. The accident took place in Londiani.

“Investigations have been launched to establish the cause of this accident, but we urge drivers to be cautious and follow the rules,” he added. “The cause of this accident is still under investigation.”

The collision that occurred on the highway that connects the cities of Kericho and Nakuru left approximately thirty people injured, according to the head of the police force, Geoffrey Mayek.

Thirty people have sustained life-threatening injuries and have been rushed to a variety of hospitals. “The numbers could be higher, but as of right now, we can say with absolute certainty that there are thirty,” Mayek stated.

According to reports from the local media, the heavy rains are making it difficult to carry out rescue operations.

“We are suspecting that a truck that was being driven… towards Kericho lost control and rammed into matatus [local minibuses] that were packed at a bus stop, running over those matatus and injuring passengers and pedestrians who were standing by the bus stop,” Mayek added. “We are looking into the possibility that the driver of the truck lost control and rammed into Matatus.”

A driver named Peter Otieno, who was a witness to the collision, stated, “I saw a speeding oncoming trailer.” I was able to avoid colliding with him head-on because I swerved. The person who was standing behind me believed that I was going to make a purchase. When he passed me, that’s when he was struck by the vehicle. After leaving the roadway, the trailer collided with many other vehicles.

“With my own eyes, I counted approximately twenty dead bodies. There were additional bodies that were found underneath the truck.

“The country is in mourning.”

According to the Kenya Red Cross Society, the truck collided with over six other vehicles and ran over several individuals. Local television stations posted images of numerous damaged vehicles.

“My heart is crushed,” Governor Erick Mutai of Kericho wrote on Facebook. “This is a difficult time for the people of Kericho,” the speaker said. My deepest condolences go out to the families who have suffered the recent loss of a loved one.

The number of fatalities ensures that this collision ranks among the deadliest that have occurred on Kenya’s roadways in recent memory. A bus carrying 34 people careened off a bridge and into a river valley in the middle of Kenya a year ago, causing all of them to perish.

According to figures compiled by the government in recent years, the number of people who have lost their lives while travelling on Kenya’s roadways has risen.

“The country mourns with the families who have lost loved ones in a horrific road accident in Londiani,” Kenyan President William Ruto stated in a tweet. “The accident occurred in Londiani.”

“It is heartbreaking to learn that some of the victims were young people with bright futures and successful businesspeople who were going about their daily activities,” said one person.