Alleged Victim Testifies in Kevin Spacey Trial, Describing Repeated Groping Assaults and Actor’s Attempted “Grooming”

A London court heard on Monday the harrowing testimony of an alleged sex assault victim of Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, who recounted a series of repeated groping assaults that left him feeling physically sick. The 63-year-old actor is currently on trial at Southwark Crown Court, facing a dozen allegations of historic sex offenses against four men who were in their 20s and 30s at the time. These alleged offenses are said to have taken place between 2001 and 2013. Spacey has staunchly denied all charges, with his lawyer, Patrick Gibbs, declaring at the trial’s outset last week that the jury would hear nothing but “damned lies.”

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Kevin Spacey Alleged Victim Testifies about Grooming

During the court proceedings on Monday, a recorded police interview with the first alleged victim was presented. The man disclosed that Kevin Spacey had assaulted him on multiple occasions over a span of approximately four years in the early 2000s. These assaults involved Spacey grabbing the victim’s “private areas” when they were alone, such as inside a car or an elevator.

According to the victim’s account, after spending two to three weeks with Spacey, Kevin Spacey began to make him feel uneasy by inappropriately touching his legs and neck while driving. This behavior escalated to groping the victim or forcibly placing the victim’s hand onto his genitalia. The alleged victim stated in the interview, “He was almost, from the get-go, grooming me.”

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The identity of the alleged victim remains undisclosed. He recounted an incident where Spacey aggressively grabbed his crotch while driving him to a party hosted by singer Elton John around 2004. The victim claimed that the forceful act almost caused a car crash. Describing himself as a “man’s man,” the accuser revealed that he had threatened to physically confront Spacey if it were to happen again, to which the actor disturbingly responded, “that’s such a turn on to me.”

Characterizing Spacey as a “slippery snaky, difficult person” and a “mixed-up individual” confused about his sexuality, the accuser revealed that the actor’s behavior was widely known at the London Old Vic theatre, where he had worked for over a decade. The alleged victim asserted, “It was well-known that he was obviously up to no good, so to speak.”

Appearing in court behind a screen to give his testimony, the alleged victim expressed feelings of shock, embarrassment, and shame regarding the incidents he endured. He stated that the alleged assaults made him physically sick. When confronted by Kevin Spacey’s lawyer, Gibbs, the accuser vehemently denied accusations of his own flirtatious behavior towards the actor, as well as enjoying their interactions and questioning his own sexuality.

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Gibbs pressed the alleged victim about why he had kept a letter from Spacey, described as “warm and jolly,” which Kevin Spacey had sent ahead of a charity event the man was involved in. Additionally, Gibbs questioned the accuser about a “cosy” photo posted on social media that showed him alongside Spacey. The witness dismissed these items, asserting that they were simply ordinary in nature, depicting two men standing together.

Furthermore, Gibbs contested the veracity of the allegation concerning the incident prior to the Elton John party, pointing out that Kevin Spacey had only attended one such gathering in 2001. In response, the alleged victim conceded that he might have misremembered the dates due to the extended period of time that had passed.

When asked why he had only come forward to the police last year, the accuser cited it as the “right time.” When questioned about the possibility of suing Kevin Spacey, he acknowledged that it had crossed his mind. Regarding the potential monetary compensation, the alleged victim responded, “Whatever it would be, it wouldn’t be enough for somebody who had been assaulted and abused.”

The trial is expected to continue for approximately four weeks.