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King Mohammed VI of Morocco Donates $100 Million to Earthquake Relief Efforts

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that recently struck Morocco, King Mohammed VI has made a personal donation of MAD 1 billion (approximately $100 million) to a special relief fund for the victims.

The King’s generous contribution will be used to provide emergency aid to affected households. Those who had their homes partially collapse will receive MAD 80,000 (approximately $8,000), while those who had their homes completely collapse will receive MAD 140,000 (approximately $14,000).

In addition to his financial contribution, King Mohammed VI has also been actively involved in the relief efforts on the ground. He visited the “Mohammed VI” University Hospital in Marrakech to see victims of the earthquake and to assess relief efforts. During his visit to the hospital, he donated blood.

The King’s actions demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting his people during this difficult time. His personal involvement in the relief efforts serves as a beacon of hope for those affected by the disaster.