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Known Criminal and Militant Asari Dokubo Brags to Work for Tinubu

In a trending video, Alhaji Mujahid Asari Dokumo who is a popular criminal an IPOD deserter, was seen bragging about his support for Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In his address to what seems like his privately owned army on parade,Asari Dokubo claims to work for Tinubu and charges his militants in words of confidence, insinuating that nothing is to be feared.

In the video, he said “ We Thank God for keeping us alive. whatever the enemies are planning, they will fail. We are here and as you can see I am not a Ghost. I just came back from Saudi Arabia. we work for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and he will succeed. Anybody who plans for him to fail will fail. we are not competing with anyone and as you can see us, we’ve never competed with anyone. Everyone of You should not worry because things are coming.

He led a song with the lyrics “Turn by Turn, na Jagaban turn abeg wait for your Time”. A song which shows the readiness for war and violence. Asari Dokubo who recently visited the Aso Rock now owns a private army of his and who is ready to do ANYTHING. He promised anyone who “Do anyhow” to “see anyhow”. A tone of utmost violence.

There are lots of questions around this, judging by the fact that Emefiele was arrested and charged with possession of firearms While someone like Asari Dokubo who has openly disclosed his Firearms is walking freely.

Some have concluded that perhaps he’s part of the “Anarchist” Tinubu is grooming with the likes of Mc Oluomo who also threatened anyone against Tinubu especially the Igbos during the election, promised to deal with them and asked them not to come out to vote. An action is seen as disenfranchisement but has yet to be arrested, with many other APC Thugs.

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