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Lagos Man Arrested for Daring Blockchain Heist, Allegedly Stealing Billions

Lagos Man Arrested for Daring Blockchain Heist

Abayomi Segun Oluwasesan, a former employee at Afriq Arbitrage System, a global crypto platform, has been apprehended by INTERPOL operatives in Nigeria.

The arrest took place earlier this week, alongside his accomplice. Abayomi was employed as a web developer at the company starting on June 15, 2022.

During a time when his boss, Jesam Micheal, was absent for a liver transplant, Abayomi was entrusted with the codes and sensitive data essential for the smooth operation of the platform. In a stunning turn of events, Abayomi is now facing accusations of hacking the company’s blockchain and absconding with a significant amount of money totaling billions of Naira.

Instead of fulfilling his responsibilities, Abayomi collaborated with his cohorts to disrupt the platform’s operations, resulting in the theft of significant amounts of money invested by hardworking individuals.

During his confession, Abayomi revealed that the funds are stored on a flash drive. He instructed his eldest sister, Ifemide, to hand it over to the police. However, Ifemide is currently evading authorities and has taken the flash drive and house documents with her. The police are urging Ifemide to return the property documents and flash drive promptly.

This case has raised concerns about the security of blockchain technology, prompting ongoing investigations by the authorities to delve deeper into the matter.