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Lagos Residents Protest Over Doctor’s Death in Elevator Accident

A group of Lagos residents staged a peaceful protest on Wednesday, demanding justice for a doctor who died in an elevator accident at the General Hospital in Odan, Lagos Island.

The protesters, who carried placards and banners, marched from the hospital to the Lagos State House of Assembly, where they submitted a petition to the Speaker, Hon. Mudashiru Obasa.

The petition, signed by over 500 people, called for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. Vwaere Diaso, who was killed on Tuesday when the elevator she was in fell from the 10th floor to the ground.

The petition also demanded that the hospital management and the contractors responsible for the maintenance of the elevator be held accountable for their negligence and incompetence.

The protesters said they were outraged by the lack of empathy and transparency from the hospital authorities, who allegedly tried to cover up the incident and coerce Diaso’s colleagues to lie about what happened.

They said Diaso’s death was a result of corruption and poor governance, which have plagued the health sector in Nigeria for decades.

They urged the state government to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again, and to improve the quality and safety of health facilities in Lagos.

One of the protesters, Michael Olaoluwa, who shared a video of the protest on Twitter, said Diaso was his friend and a brilliant doctor who had a bright future ahead of her.

He said Diaso was about to complete her housemanship in two weeks, and had plans to further her studies abroad.

He said he was devastated by her death, and hoped that her killers would face justice.

He also thanked other protesters for joining him in solidarity and appealed to Nigerians to support their cause.

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