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Libya Floods: Death Toll Rises To 11,300 In Derna – UN Reports

In an update on Saturday, the UN said that 11,300 people have died because of the terrible floods in Derna, which is in the eastern part of Libya. The Libyan Red Crescent was the source of this information.

The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, which got its numbers from the Red Crescent, said that another 10,100 people are still missing in the destroyed city.

The report said that flooding killed 170 more people in other parts of eastern Libya outside of Derna.

The UN report said that these numbers are likely to go up as search and rescue teams work hard to find survivors.

The report said that nearly a week after Storm Daniel hit northeastern Libya, “the humanitarian situation in Derna remains especially bad.”

It said that the city was having a lot of trouble with its drinking water and that at least 55 children got sick from drinking dirty water.

In the surrounding areas, most of which have been in war for years, the UN warned that landmines could be moved by floodwaters and endanger people who walk in.