MACBAN: Fulani Herdsmen Attacks 53 Villages, Kills 204 People in 2 Month In Mangu, Plateau


The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has come under fire from the Mwaghavul people, locals of Mangu local government area in Plateau State, for turning deserted communities into grazing fields and hunting for more displaced people in order to seize the lands.

On Saturday, the tribe’s leadership spoke to journalists in Jos to deny MACBAN’s allegations that Operation Rainbow, a State-owned security organization, attacked their members in Mangu.

“It is with a deeply heavy heart that the Mwaghavul Nation under the MDA is addressing you, and indeed the general public, on the true situation in Mwaghavul land and other parts of Mangu Local Government Area due to the continuous terrorist attacks on our villages and our people by killer Fulani herdsmen,” said MDA Chief Joseph Gwankat, the organization’s national president.

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The Mwaghavul people have lived in peace with their neighbors since the beginning of time and have never harmed any of them for any reason; therefore, it is important to underline this once more. But recently, without any sort of provocation, Fulani terrorists picked us as their target for mayhem.


“Several incidences of kidnapping, farmland destruction, and other criminal actions committed by these Fulani terrorists were reported in different parts of the LGA prior to the attacks, which began in April and continued up until this point, just after the governorship election, but none of these crimes have been prosecuted.

Our people resisted being aroused. It is so unexpected that our attackers, who have decimated our communities and massacred a major portion of our population, are the ones sobbing the loudest now that they have caused our people such suffering and agony.

“The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) is responsible for carrying out this heinous deed. Due to the raids by the Fulani militia, our settlements were abandoned, and the Fulani herders now use them as grazing areas. According to districts as of July 7, 2023, the following is a list of our villages that Fulani terrorist herders have assaulted, along with the number of fatalities:

Murish, Dungmunan, Kubat, Tim Naanle, Pil, Fungzai, Manja, and Chisu are located in the Bwai District. Seventy individuals were killed. District of Kombun: Fungkipang, Nting Five people were killed. Jwaktumbi, Kantoma, Mangul, Alohom 1, Alohom 2, Gongon, Dan Hausa, Kikyau 1 and 2, Gudum, Tyop, Kwaskipanleng, Gaude, Bure, and Ntam are included in the Mangu District. 70 people were killed in total. District of Bungha: Jwak Raas No fatality.

Changal, Kombili, Washna, Jwak Chom, Larkas, Fushi, Kwahas, Dangdai, Atuhun, Adep, Ajing, Daika, Dikong, Lakopal, Kogul, and Niyes are all located in the Panyam District. 30 people were killed in total. Lakasi, Gwet 2, Gwet 1, Mutong, Keptul, Gung, Pyantuhul, Kus Hi, Nbwor, Vodni, Pwaskop, and Nten are all located in the Pushit District. 17 people have been killed. Konji, Kerang District. Eight people were killed.

Total fatalities: 204. Many remain unaccounted for.

53 villages in all were attacked.

“These facts are verifiable; Miyetti Allah’s false accusations must be discounted,” he continued.

Once more, Miyetti Allah has used Muhammed Salihu Musa, the secretary of the MACBAN in Mangu LGA, and Nura Abdullahi, the chairman of the MACBAN in Plateau State, to spread false information on social media. They claim that Operation Rainbow agents attacked them in Mangu LGA and that their actions were in defense of our people, who have been at God’s mercy.

Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria

“We find this not only funny but also a deliberate attempt to tarnish the State Government’s reputation, led by the visionary Barr. Caleb Mutfwang, and to imply that he is prejudiced in how he is managing the problem. Please be aware that Macban’s shenanigans are nothing new. They have made unfounded assertions in the past, and they continue to do so regarding the actual circumstances in Mangu LGA.

The fact that the same attackers who have been having a field day on our people will nonetheless turn around and claim innocence in order to conceal their horrible actions is therefore not surprising. We ask MACBAN to back up their allegations with facts. We want to make it absolutely clear that MACBAN and their terrorist associates are merely trying to escape the consequences of the horrendous crimes they committed in Mwaghavul territory.

The fact that MACBAN has been using foreign mercenaries to assault communities, including ours, is well known.

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Let’s mention that on July 5th, two women were attacked and died in Kombun District’s Mper and Milet. The attack on Kogul the following day, Thursday, July 6, 2023, claimed the lives of five people. The attackers then moved on to Niyes, where they also claimed the lives of two people. These heinous and pointless executions infuriated the youths, and they reacted instinctively by pursuing the attackers.

We therefore vehemently recommend that the Federal Government designate MACBAN as a terrorist organization in light of the horrible acts that its members are committing throughout Nigeria. While plans are being made for the SS3 kids whose WAEC Exams were disrupted as a result of these attacks, we implore the government to assume full responsibility for educating children younger than 10 who have lost both parents as a result of the attacks.

“We are determined to live in peace with our good neighbors and good ethnic nationalities, and we are fortunate to serve as their hosts,” Gwankat said. One thing we cannot, however, afford to do is remain silent as terrorists invade our towns and murder our citizens.

“We admonish Muhammad Salihu Musa and his MACBAN to quit orchestrating a campaign of genocide against our people, to sincerely embrace peace, and to stop acting like the victim. They are the aggressors in the eyes of the general public. We are currently continuously grieving our losses and deaths as

They should permit us to do so without adding insult to injury as a result of their ongoing aggressiveness toward our people.

“We urge our good people to continue acting in a calm and peaceful manner, as they have always done, despite any provocation from their assailants. We have never traveled outside of our original homeland in search of any alleged adversaries in order to harm or murder them, but state foes have organized at the regional, national, and sub-national levels to assault us. We exhort our people to defend our ancient territory with unwavering steadfastness, firmness, and resolve.