“Made in Lagos” by WizKid breaks the record for the best-selling African album in the US

WizKid’s album “Made in Lagos” has sold over 680,000 copies in the US, making it the best-selling African album of all time in the country.

The record also did better than expected when it came to streaming. In the US alone, over 1.02 billion on-demand streams have been made.

This event showed that WizKid is a global Muslim hero and that Nigerian rap music is becoming more popular around the world.

WizKid became a big star when his song “Holla at Your Boy” became a big hit in the early 2010s.

Since then, the Afrobeats star has consistently made hits that are at the top of the charts. He has worked with big names like Drake, Beyoncé, Skepta, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown, among others.

His unique mix of Afrobeats, reggae, and hip-hop has caught the attention of people all over the world, making him a pioneer of Afrobeats music.

Don’t forget that the ‘Made in Lagos’ album came out in October 2020.

The record was praised by critics for having catchy melodies, interesting lyrics, and a wide variety of collaborations.

Burna Boy, Damian Marley, and H.E.R. were all on the record, which made it even more appealing to people all over the world.

On the song “Essence,” WizKid collaborated with another Nigerian group called “Tems.” This is seen as a big reason why “Made in Lagos” was such a big hit.

The song was popular all over the world because it reached the top of global charts, sold a lot of records, was on the summer playlists of famous people, and won international awards.

The amazing 1.02 billion on-demand streams of the record in the US alone show how powerful streaming is for reaching a wide audience and building WizKid’s fan base around the world.

WizKid’s ‘Made In Lagos’ song was a big step forward for Afrobeats music.

The trend gives Nigerian rappers who are just starting out a lot of ideas and opens more doors for the Nigerian music business.