Ogun State

Man Kills His 2 Nieces in Ogun, Blames Satan for Actions

Reports have it that a man named Taye Agbaje killed his younger brother’s two children in a bush in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State.

It was said that on August 6, Taye went to his sibling’s house in Kemta Abata, Abeokuta, took the two girls away on his bike, and then killed them with a cutlass.

Idowu Agbaje, the father of the children, was not at home when Taye came to get them, but when he got home in the evening, he started looking for them.

People in the neighborhood told him that they had seen the two girls riding his brother’s scooter during the day.

Residents of Kemta Abata expressed shock over what occurred and claimed that the suspect didn’t reside there.

A person in the neighborhood who didn’t want to be named said that Taye was in police custody at the moment.

Agbaje said in a video that went online that he killed Promise, who was nine, and her younger sister, Testimony, who was seven, with a machete in the bush and left their bodies there.

Agbaje said in the video that he didn’t kill the kids for money rituals, but he couldn’t say why their private parts were missing and couldn’t be found at the crime scene.

“When Taye was asked where the girls were, he said that he didn’t know where they were. People in the neighborhood said they saw him take the girls somewhere, but he said he only took them to the store.

“He was taken to the Kemta police station, where he later admitted to killing his nieces. Taye led the cops to a bush where he had cut the throats of his nieces and left their bodies.

“We all saw where he killed the people. The bodies have been taken to the morgue by the police. Taye didn’t say why he did what he did, but he did say that the kids’ mother had spiritually taken his glory for her husband. “This is a big surprise,” the person said.

Omolola Odutola, who is in charge of public relations for the Ogun State Police, confirmed the event and said it was hard to understand.

According to Odutola, the suspect didn’t appear sorry and kept blaming Satan when the police were questioning him.

“The suspect didn’t say for sure why he killed his brother’s kids. There was no sign that he was sorry. “He’s just putting the blame on Satan, which is against the law,” Odutola said.