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Marketa Vondrousova Wins Wimbledon Women’s Final

*Marketa Vondrousova Wins Wimbledon Women’s Final.*

Marketa Vondrousova has claimed her maiden Grand slam title in Wimbledon after beating Ons jabeur 6-4, 6-4. Marketa Vondrousova is now the First women unseeded Player to win the tournament since 1968. She’s now the queen of Wimbledon.

Marketa Vondrousova has also become the third Czech Republic woman to win the ladies singles title the No.43 world ranked player defeats Ons jabeur. The Lowest ranked player to ever win the ladies’ singles title at Wimbledon.

Vondrousova after winning Wimbledon, “I made a bet with my coach. He said if I win a Grand slam, he’s gonna get a tattoo also. So I think we’re gonna go tomorrow”. She emphasised on her coach’s support Jan Mertl and others who helped her achieve this great heights.

The latest Wimbledon champion appreciates her husband Stephen saying “It’s amazing. Tomorrow is our 1st anniversary of our wedding. That’s the present”. Ons jabeur who lost the final to Vondrousova promises to come back one day, “ I don’t know, it’s gonna be a tough day for me. I’m not gonna give up. I’m gonna come back stronger to win a Grand slam one day. I want to say congratulations to Marketa and her team for this amazing tournament. You’re an amazing player and I know you had a lot of injuries so I’m very happy for you….”.