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Mason Greenwood Could be Picked in the Future for England

Mason Greenwood could yet be picked by England in the future, according to Gareth Southgate, who on Thursday termed the situation a “very complex” one in an oddly insinuating way to suggest that the fired Manchester United player could yet be picked in the future.

After a six-month internal inquiry into his earlier this month dismissed criminal charges, Manchester United said that Greenwood would not play for the team again.

Greenwood, who was detained in January 2022 and charged with attempted rape, assault, and using coercive or controlling behavior, is already making plans for his future away from Old Trafford, which will probably take him abroad.

When asked about the 21-year-old’s future with England, Southgate emphasised that the situation is “very complex” but did not completely rule out his eventual return.

“He’s not playing so it’s not a consideration for us. It’s hypothetical. Whatever I say will be used in a less nuanced fashion frankly,” he said.

He said this after announcing his team for the September internationals on Thursday. “It’s clearly a very complex case,” he remarked.

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