Peter Mbah

Mbah’s Call to End “Sit-at-Home” on Mondays Ignored as Residents Continue Practice

Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah, recently issued a directive urging residents of the state to abandon the practice of observing a sit-at-home policy on Mondays. However, despite the governor’s directive, residents have continued to defy the appeal, continuing with the Monday sit-at-home order.

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An empty road in Enugu on Monday 5th June (Photo credit: Sahara Reporters)

Governor Mbah, in a public address last week, emphasized the importance of reviving economic activities and ensuring normalcy in the state. He expressed concerns over the negative impact of the weekly sit-at-home policy on the state’s economy, urging residents to resume their daily routines without fear or hindrance on Mondays.

Nevertheless, a contrasting development has emerged as the majority of Enugu State residents continue to comply with the Monday sit-at-home order. This recurring observance has disrupted business activities and social engagements, leaving the streets desolate and markets empty every Monday.

Local sources report that despite the governor’s appeals and efforts to enhance security, the residents’ resolve to continue the sit-at-home practice remains unyielding. The state government, in collaboration with security agencies, has intensified efforts to provide a safe and conducive environment for residents to resume their normal routines. However, these measures have not been successful in persuading residents to abandon the sit-at-home policy.

The consequences of the Monday sit-at-home tradition on the state’s economy have been severe. Businesses, both large and small, have experienced significant losses, with traders and entrepreneurs struggling to make ends meet. The absence of economic activity on Mondays has also had a detrimental effect on the livelihoods of individuals who rely on daily wages to sustain themselves and their families.