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Meet Toco, the Japanese man who became a dog

Toco, a 32-year-old from Tokyo, has always wanted to transform into an animal since he was a child. He said he felt a strong connection with dogs and especially admired the border collie breed. He saved up money for years and finally ordered a custom-made collie costume from a company called Zeppet, which specializes in creating lifelike animal suits.

The costume took 40 days to make and reproduces the appearance of a real quadrupedal dog. It has fur, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, paws, and even a tail. Toco said he was amazed by the quality and craftsmanship of the costume and felt like he had become a real dog.

Toco wears the costume almost every day and enjoys performing dog-like behaviors such as barking, wagging his tail, licking his paws, and playing with toys. He has posted videos of himself wearing the costume on his YouTube channel, which has over 100,000 subscribers. He said he receives positive feedback from his fans, who support his hobby and call him cute and adorable.

Toco also took his first public walk in the costume, which attracted the attention of both humans and dogs. He said he was nervous at first, but soon felt comfortable and happy. He said he enjoyed interacting with people and other dogs, who were curious and friendly towards him. He said he hopes to inspire other people to follow their dreams and express themselves freely.

Toco said he plans to continue wearing the costume and exploring the world as a dog. He said he feels more fulfilled and satisfied with his life than ever before. He said he loves being a dog and does not care what others think of him.

“I am not hurting anyone or doing anything wrong. I am just living my life as I want to. I am happy as a dog,” he said.