Michael Jordan’s “Flu-Game” Sneakers Sold for Over $1 Million at Auction

A dedicated Michael Jordan supporter recently splurged an astonishing amount of money to acquire some of the NBA legend’s most iconic memorabilia. The individual dropped over $1 million to secure a prized possession: Michael Jordan’s “Flu-Game” sneakers!

Michael Jordan Sneakers


These legendary shoes gained fame during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals when Jordan battled an illness while leading the Chicago Bulls against the Utah Jazz. The memorable footwear was successfully auctioned off on Wednesday, eventually selling for a staggering $1,380,000.

While not the highest price ever paid for Michael Jordan sneakers (those honors belong to a pair from the 1998 Finals and another from his rookie season), the significance of the “Flu-Game” shoes is undeniable. According to auction facilitator Ken Goldin, who previously stated that they were “the most valuable sneakers of all time,” this acquisition is truly extraordinary.

Michael Jordan

During that crucial game in Salt Lake City, Jordan put on a remarkable performance, scoring 38 points while battling exhaustion caused by his ailment. His determination and skill were instrumental in securing a victory for the Bulls, ultimately leading them to clinch the NBA title.

Following the game, Jordan autographed the sneakers and entrusted them to Preston Truman, a Utah Jazz ball boy who had assisted him with postgame refreshments in previous years. Truman kept the prized shoes in his possession for over a decade before deciding to sell them at auction in 2013. Their reappearance on the market was eagerly anticipated by collectors and enthusiasts alike, culminating in their recent sale facilitated by Goldin.

While the identity of the buyer remains undisclosed, it is safe to assume that they are both wealthy and elated to have acquired such an extraordinary piece of sports history.