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Military Option in Niger is Pointless and Unneeded, CUPP tells Tinubu

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), which contends that the action is not only unnecessary but also completely stupid, has opposed the planned military intervention in the Niger Republic to restore Mohammed Bazoum, the nation’s expelled civilian president.
Nigeria, in its current socioeconomic position, cannot afford such a costly investment, according to CUPP, which was made clear in a statement by its co-National spokesperson, Mr. Mark Adebayo.

The group (CUPP) also maintained that any military action undertaken without the consent of the Niger people is doomed from the start, and Bola Tinubu was encouraged to refrain from further depressing the already vulnerable economy of Nigeria.

The declaration reads: “It has come to our attention that Nigeria and several other West African nations are making preparations for a military intervention in the Niger Republic, purportedly to restore the nation’s deposed civilian administration.

First off, Nigeria’s socioeconomic situation makes such an expensive action unaffordable. Over the years, the Nigerian military has been overworked fighting terrorism and various insurgencies that are still active and consuming the nation’s resources to the tune of billions of Naira each week.

When the security situation in our own country continues to pose a serious challenge to our military and other security agencies, with an economy that is currently, at best, sick, it is not only unnecessary but completely irresponsible for Nigeria to consider militarily interfering in the internal affairs of another country.

Nigeria cannot afford or win this war, especially in light of how well-supported the coup was by the majority of Nigerians. It is obvious that the coup that ousted President Mohammed Bazoum was popularly supported and that any military involvement without the support of the people of Niger is doomed from the start.

Therefore, Nigeria cannot afford to lose its limited resources and the priceless lives of its soldiers in a conflict that is pointless and beyond its means. The sick are unable to heal the sick. Instead of hunting for conflict elsewhere, Nigeria should instead focus on healing its own nation.

“We back any diplomatic efforts made by the West African area to break the deadlock in Nigerien. But a military intervention would be pushing the issue too far, and we venture to say that it would fail horribly.

Instead of wasting money on a war that doesn’t really concern us when we have our own internal conflicts that we haven’t yet resolved, whatever resources are gathered to fight in another man’s country should be used for Nigeria and to ease the suffering of the people under this unfriendly economic system.

“Nigeria and other West African countries should instead use their diplomatic resources, with potential assistance from the international community, to reach a peaceful resolution to the situation in the Niger Republic without resorting to military force or spilling a single drop of blood.” By militarily interfering in another nation, Bola Tinubu should refrain from further depressing Nigeria’s already shaky economy, CUPP added.

Although we support the survival of democracy based on good governance in Africa, Nigerians should be allowed to manage their country as they see fit, even if diplomatic routes have been exhausted. You cannot compel people to act in a way that they do not deem to be in their best interests.

Nigeria needs to let Niger decide on its own past, present, and destiny. Whatever interventions are being considered, they should be within diplomacy’s jurisdiction—nothing more, nothing less. #CUPP

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