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Minister Designate Bello Matawalle’s Academic Credentials Raise Concerns: F9 in English and Maths, Highest Qualification SSCE

Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Ministerial nominee and former governor of Zamfara, Bello Matawalle’s credentials, have surfaced on the internet. The former governor had an F9 in both English and mathematics, according to the results circulating on social media.

Similarly, in a resume allegedly credited to the former governor, the ministerial nominee listed SSCE as his highest qualification.

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The promise of appointing technocrats and competent individuals as ministers held great potential to reshape Nigerian governance and address critical challenges. The majority of Tinubu’s would-be cabinet members are either unqualified with records of bad performances in their previous positions or enmeshed in forgery and other corrupt practices. 

Even if the extant laws or the constitution were silent on the qualification criteria for ministerial nomination, the National Assembly should spare us this national disaster and be patriotic enough to do the right thing if the executive arm has decided to act in ignorance. 

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