Miyetti Allah

Miyetti Allah Chieftain Disappears

In a startling turn of events, the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has reported the disappearance of its National Vice President, Munnir Atiku Lamido. Muhammad Nura Abdullahi, the National Public Relations Officer (PRO) of MACBAN, broke the news by issuing a press statement on Friday and calling attention to the worrying situation.

The sudden disappearance of such a prominent figure within the association has sparked apprehension and raised numerous questions about the circumstances surrounding Lamido’s disappearance. While details surrounding the incident remain scarce, MACBAN’s national leadership has expressed deep concern over the well-being and safety of their missing colleague.

Authorities have been notified, and an extensive investigation has been launched to unravel the mystery behind Lamido’s disappearance. As the search intensifies, speculations and theories abound, with some suggesting possible foul play while others await further information before drawing any conclusions.

Lamido’s role as the National Vice President of MACBAN made him a key figure within the organisation, known for his active involvement in advocating for the interests of cattle breeders across Nigeria. His absence leaves a void in the leadership hierarchy and casts a shadow of uncertainty over the association’s future endeavours.

MACBAN and its members fervently hope for Lamido’s swift and safe return. As the investigation unfolds, Nigerians anxiously await updates regarding the missing vice president, hoping for a resolution that brings clarity to this perplexing situation.