EDITORIAL: Mmesoma Ejikeme; a Reflection Of What Our Society Has Become

Mmesoma Ejikeme is only one of many recent malicious innovations in Nigerian culture. If she has the resources like most politicians do, she would have gathered at least ten SANS to go to court and defend her jamb score. After all, Buhari was after all defended and served as president for 8 years despite his questionable credentials.

Currently, Tinubu and his team of SANs are in court defending his credentials and those of others. The results of the presidential election were rigged, with one candidate being declared the victor and the other contenders told empirically to go to court if they were unhappy with the outcome.

With fabricated results and with a huge moral burden of indulging in drug trafficking in time past, Bola Tinubu is in Aso Rock, welcoming thieves, Ex militants, and ex-convicts at the State House. An ex-militant leader, who sabotaged the state, bombed our pipelines and stole our oil, had the temerity to address the press in Aso Villa, that is how the Nigerian State has degenerated.

Bola Tinubu invited a known thief, James Ibori to the villa too, a former governor convicted of stealing billions of Delta state funds. Wike who falsified INEC’s result is also now a regular visitor to the villa. Mmesoma may have thought by following these footsteps, forging her jamb results, and topping the charts, perhaps will give her the opportunity to be celebrated like her contemporaries.

The same is true for some governors, senators, members of the House of Representatives, and members of State Assemblies who were elected or approved by the judiciary. This is the society that we have created and are a part of. “The society we abuse today, will abuse us tomorrow,” claims Mr Peter Obi. Tomorrow has already arrived, yet civilization has just recently begun to mistreat us. We have not seen anything yet, Mmesoma’s case is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mmesoma is an example of the type of Nigerian who has discovered that brigandage, corruption, and theft are justified and rewarded in our society. The winners and current leaders in Nigeria are those who carried ballot boxes during elections, ran with them, and manipulated the election results.

Members of the “Elite Club of Nigeria” are dishonest politicians and those who looted billions and millions from the public treasury. They are safeguarded rather than penalized. They live in Opulence. The Elite Club benefits most from most government contracts, even when they do not have the capacity to execute such. All you just need to succeed in Nigeria is Information and access, no serious country succeeds with this kind of evil mentality.

The Nigerian Society honours those who are a part of this club. The younger generation is perceptive, and many of them aspire to join this exclusive but lethal club. Mmesoma and a large number of young people in her category merely desire to be accepted and praised in the same manner as the dishonest politicians and other members of the “Elite Club of Nigeria.”


Many of our young people are waiting in line, looking for pin codes to register, or they have already enrolled in one of the many “Elite Clubs” for minors before they enter the main “Elite Club,” where they will have security escorts and be able to employ SANs for the courts.

Peter Obi’s moral crusade that “the means through which one arrives at an office is far more important than what he does there” or “to be His or Her Excellency or an Honorable, the political process or means through which one arrives at the position must be excellent or honourable too” was ridiculed by some Nigerians, who continued to do so months after the elections. Almost everyone has chosen not to listen.

Children model their behaviour after ours. While bad values and vices are simple to acquire and apply, good, positive values are challenging to learn and put into practice. Our elders and politicians should be careful what they do, else, very soon, we’ll start hearing about people who had their wives or children kidnapped by whatever means, with the kidnapper telling the husband or parents to “go to court” if they weren’t happy with the kidnapping.

 Mmesoma Ejikeme; a Reflection Of What Our Society Has Become

In Nigeria, many politicians and non-politicians have school or birth credentials that have been altered or forged. The methods used to gain the school credentials included miracle centres, sorting, forging, cheating, etc. The Enugu Governor, who fraudulently was returned by INEC, Mr Peter Mbah, forged his NYSC Certificate submitted to INEC and still had the temerity to take the NYSC to court to stop the Institution from protecting its Sanctity. These are the men, our very young Mmesoma aspires to become.

Snakes and monkeys have consumed millions and billions of naira or currencies in the Nigerian government and public institutions, including JAMB. Nothing happened. These con artists are praised. Fuel subsidy fraud prospered. Crude theft proliferated and was celebrated.

The manipulations are protected, and the manipulators are praised. The religious and moral instruction that Nigerian children get at home and in school confounds them. The mosques and churches are completely full on Fridays and Sundays. They witness the wealthy donations made by these “Elite Club of Nigeria” members amid the commotion. They receive praise. Our society is like this and Mmesoma’s case is not an exemption.

The young student, Mmesoma, from a school run and operated by a mission with strict religious and moral guidelines engaged in or allowed herself to be persuaded to embrace the concept of being helped to inflate her JAMB score. This is quite regrettable. Think about what the majority of kids can accomplish without receiving such exposure to religious and moral teachings and without developing much of a conscience.

Imagine the potential environment for the WAEC, NECO, and GCE exams. Mmesoma’s acts are abhorrent, yet we also feel bad for her. Yes, we feel sorry for her. She is one of the many people who have suffered as a result of the dysfunction of our society, the misalignment of our values, and the acceptance of corruption in our culture.

we denounce everyone who gave her the idea to perpetuate such a crime. The entertainment industry should now censor the content of the movies and music it shuns for the benefit of the next generation. Other young kids, parents, teachers, school administrators, all parties involved in education, and the Nigerian judiciary can learn a lesson from Mmesoma’s crime and the embarrassment that has accompanied it.

What about university vice-chancellors, professors, and lecturers that inflate marks or give politicians unjustified votes in order to rig elections for politicians? We have created Mmesoma and her preferences through our lifestyle.

Mmesoma’s crime demonstrates the pressure that modern Nigerian society places on young brains. The majority of our politicians and professors who falsify documents or manipulate election results are the ones that teach or inspire young people to lead this kind of life. These politicians tour the world with altered transcripts from their educational institutions, service records from the NYSC, and service exemption records.

When these crimes are brought up, the perpetrators hire SANs, and the SANs, the learned men, agree to represent them in court and uphold injustice in the nation. That’s awful! Such crimes and corruption are sanctioned by the Nigerian judiciary, which makes them a normal way of life. Therefore, the youthful minds have picked up on how to view or baptize evil so that it is seen as good and applauded quickly. One is said to “reap what one sows.” The Nigerian society is benefiting from her labour.

We are even lucky Mmesoma Ejikeme did not tell the presidential candidates who complained about a rigged presidential election results to “GO TO COURT,” as INEC Chairman Mahmoud had instructed. Mahmoud organized the February 25, 2023 Presidential election. As ordered by Mahmoud, they are present in court. What an important message for children, especially the Mmesoma generation.

If Mmesoma is punished, which is appropriate, it will serve as a deterrent to other students, the politicians implicated or caught in such acts of flashing or presenting falsified or fake school certificates, the judges who rendered rulings in their favor, the attorneys or Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) who handled such cases must also be punished.

It is also necessary to penalize the academics who contributed to the falsification of the election results. This action will undoubtedly aid in the healing of our society. The younger generation will think that corruption is not profitable. Corrupt behavior is detested. Nigeria will then see quick social, economic, and technical change. We’ll be careful with how we use our resources.

The judiciary’s “Nihil Obstat” and “Imprimatur” of certificate fraud or rigged election results have given young people the confidence to reject positive values in favor of a negative value system. The cases of Buhari, Imo State Governor Hope Uzodimma, and former Senate President Senator Lawan come to mind.

Let the judiciary support the battle against fraud, deception, and corruption in general in our country.

We hope Mmesoma has learned her lessons and she is truly remorseful, and we commend JAMB for their role throughout the saga and our fervent wish for Nigeria is for millions of Mmesomas to change and see that there is dignity in labour rather than focus on short cut to success.