Moldova Expels 45 Russian Diplomats Amid Accusations of Destabilization

Moldova has ordered the expulsion of 45 Russian diplomats and embassy staff from the country, citing “numerous unfriendly actions” as the reason behind the decision. The move aims to address concerns over potential attempts to destabilize the nation, according to the Moldovan foreign minister.

Tensions between Chișinău and Russia have escalated in recent months, leading to strained relations between the two countries. The Kremlin has accused Moldova of promoting “Russophobia” in the region, further exacerbating the situation.

The deterioration in bilateral relations comes in the wake of President Maia Sandu’s accusations against Russia. In February, President Sandu publicly alleged that Russia was involved in a plot to overthrow her government, adding to the existing mistrust between the two nations.

The expulsion of Russian diplomats marks a significant escalation in the ongoing diplomatic dispute, as it underscores Moldova’s efforts to address potential threats to its stability and sovereignty.

As the situation unfolds, regional and international observers closely monitor the developments and hope for a de-escalation of tensions between Chișinău and Russia. The rift between the two countries poses challenges to regional stability and requires careful diplomatic navigation to find common ground and restore amicable relations.

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