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Morocco Overtook the USA as the Fourth-Largest Blueberries Exporter

Morocco has become the World’s Fourth Largest exporter of Blueberries, overtaking the USA after successfully exporting 53,000 tons in 2022. Morocco is also the leading Blueberry supplier to the UAE in the marketing year 2022/23. South Africa is known as a great supplier and a tough competitor of Morocco for Blueberries but has now been left behind by Morocco, according to a report from East Fruit.

The Morocco Premium Blueberries are handpicked and cultivated by top Professional Farmers in a bid to ensure top taste and qualities. The berries are packed with high anti-oxidant properties that help to counter daily radicals and to also keep healthy. According to experts, some of the best blueberries in the World are the Biloxi, Bluecorp, and Blueray varieties. Some leading nations where blueberries are grown include the USA, Mexico, and Morocco as the agricultural environment in these countries is appropriate for high-quality blueberry production.

In 2021, Morocco is ranked 3rd world’s Largest blueberry supplier with an Export Value of $302,238,000 with an Export Quantity of 42,562 tons, according to data by INSIDER-MONKEY. Morocco grows Blueberries in areas like Kenitra, Meknes, and Agadir. Peru has been known as the Major grower and exporter of Blueberries in the last decade, Although China is the largest producer of blueberries in the World with an output of 477,080 tons. They consume it all locally and are not a major exporter.

Data from East Fruit announced that Morocco exported 53,000 tons of blueberries in 2022. Peru was the largest exporter of fresh blueberries last year with 277,000 tons, followed by Chile with 105,000 tons and Spain with 87,000 tons. Berry production in Morocco has contributed to the country’s agricultural sector massively. Morocco’s revenue from strawberry exports to the international market is estimated to be between $40m and $70m per annum. Countries like the UAE, and Qatar are two key buying countries.

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