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Mother Scalds Son With Hot Water For Bringing Girlfriend Home In Calabar

A mother in Calabar, Nigeria, has been accused of pouring hot water on her son for bringing his girlfriend home and not giving her his daily wages.

The incident happened on Thursday, September 4, 2023, at Bogobiri, the Hausa-Fulani residential area in Calabar. The mother, identified as Maryam Zakari, was reportedly furious with her son, Babanne Abdulahi, for spending his money on his girlfriend instead of remitting it to her.

According to eyewitnesses, Zakari boiled water and waited for her son to return from work. When she saw him in his room with his girlfriend, she barged in and drenched him with the scalding liquid. She then cried out for help, claiming that she did not know what came over her.

The son suffered severe burns on his chest, back and arms. He was rushed to a private clinic in Calabar for medical attention. The girlfriend was also injured by the hot water but managed to escape.

The neighbours who witnessed the incident said that Zakari was known for being abusive and violent towards her son. They said that she often beat him and accused him of being lazy and irresponsible. They also said that she was jealous of his relationship with his girlfriend and wanted to separate them.