N8,000 Per Month Is An Insult To Nigerians — Maritime Group

The Maritime Arbitrators Association of Nigeria, MAAN, said that the Federal Government’s decision to pay 12 million poor households N8,000 per home monthly is a far cry from the economic reality and that “It is an insult to Nigerians.”

Speaking to Vanguard about the decision, the vice president of the association, Ms. Jean Anishere Chiazor, said the president had made a bad judgment because that sum of money couldn’t even feed a family for a month.

“N8,000 for 12 million households; who identified the poor households; what yardsticks; who is a poor family; what are the requirements to qualify as a poor family entitled to N8,000,” the speaker said.

What will N8,000 purchase in a day for feeding? How much is N8,000 in pounds or dollars. If a family consumes Eba every other day, one Olodo of Garri, which costs N3,500, cannot sustain them for a week. A paint bucket’s worth of rice, or an olodo, costs N4,800, if not more due to rising costs. Thus, that is about N8,000.