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NetNaija Shuts Down Movie Services, Shifts Focus to Other Sections

Netnaija, a popular movie download platform in Nigeria, has announced the discontinuation of its movie services. The announcement was made via its page on Saturday.

NetNaija has been a go-to platform for many Nigerians seeking to download movies at an affordable rate. The news of its closure has come as a shock to many of its users.

In their farewell message, the platform expressed sadness over the end of their movie services. They thanked everyone who contributed to their growth in any way. “We are sad to say goodbye to movies on NetNaija,” the message read.

However, it’s not all gloom and doom. NetNaija also mentioned that they will now focus on other sections of their services. While it’s unclear what these other sections are, users can expect that NetNaija will continue to provide quality content in these areas.

The closure of NetNaija’s movie services marks the end of an era. However, with the promise of a renewed focus on other sections, users can look forward to new and exciting content from the platform.

A writer at Parallel Facts