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New Zealand: Man Attacks Multiple Chinese Restaurants With Axe.

In a shocking incident, four individuals have sustained injuries after a man allegedly launched a violent assault on diners using an axe at several Chinese restaurants located in Auckland. The unsettling event unfolded on Monday at approximately 21:00 local time (09:00 GMT) when the perpetrator entered one of the establishments and began indiscriminately attacking patrons in New Zealand.

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Eyewitness footage captured the chaotic scene as terrified individuals fled from one of the targeted restaurants. Witnesses revealed that the assailant carried multiple weapons, including what appeared to be a “hammer-like thing.”

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New Zealand Law enforcement authorities promptly arrived at the scene in response to distress calls originating from the Albany suburb, a bustling area renowned for its dining options. The targeted eateries were identified as Zhangliang Malatang, Yues Dumpling Kitchen, and Maya Hotpot in Auckland, New Zealand.

The suspect, a Chinese national whose identity remains undisclosed and age withheld, was swiftly apprehended by the police. He now faces charges related to causing grievous bodily harm.

Authorities have stressed that preliminary investigations indicate the attack was not motivated by racial animosity and is being treated as an isolated incident. They have yet to disclose the perpetrator’s motive, but additional charges are expected to be filed.

Medical reports indicate that three victims are currently receiving treatment at local hospitals, where their conditions have been stabilized.

A staff member present during the assault at one of the restaurants described the ordeal as a sudden and brutal assault. According to the witness, the assailant entered the premises without warning and proceeded to wield a “hammer-like thing,” striking individuals seated at a table. Another chef compared the aftermath to a “war zone.”

In an interview with Radio New Zealand (RNZ), an eyewitness recounted observing a young person in their twenties with blood on their head, who briefly remained standing before collapsing to the ground. Another diner, appearing on Newshub’s AM Show, reported witnessing the assailant brandish a “massive demonstration hammer” and deliver a forceful blow.

One woman shared her harrowing experience with RNZ, recounting how the attacker struck her friend from behind with the axe. When confronted, the assailant purportedly responded to a shouted question by attacking her friend once again.

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Police Commander Inspector Stefan Saga acknowledged the distressing nature of the incident for the victims, their acquaintances, and the wider community. Measures are being taken to provide support to those affected.

As the investigation continues, law enforcement authorities are striving to comprehend the motives behind this alarming attack on diners, underscoring the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of both the victims and their loved ones.