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Nigeria DHQ Rejects Coup Ideas, says Military Better Under Democracy

The military high command has rejected calls for the Armed Forces to intervene in democracy.

Recent complaints of poor troop welfare across the military sparked an internet comment.

The Defense Headquarters’ Director, Defense Information, Brig. Gen. Tukur Gusau called the request cruel and unpatriotic on Friday night.

“The Defense Headquarters frowns at an online report about welfare in the Nigerian Armed Forces,” it stated. The report’s proposal for military interference in democracy is unpatriotic and dangerous, as it distracts the Armed Forces of Nigeria from their constitutional duties.

He stated that the DHQ does not joke with its personnel’s well-being and warned that the military should not oppose the government.

Gusau said a democratic government made the military happier and better.

“While the AFN leadership prioritizes the welfare of its personnel, we detest any attempt by any individual or group to incite the law-abiding Armed Forces of Nigeria to embark on any unconstitutional change of government in our country.

We desire to emphasize unambiguously that the military is happy and better under democracy and will not harm our hard-earned democracy.

He claimed the military, under Chief Defense Staff General Christopher Musa, is faithful to the president and Nigeria’s constitution.

The statement added, “The AFN, under the leadership of the Chief of Defence Staff, General CG Musa, is determined to ensure complete subordination of the Armed Forces to constitutional authority under His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and will not be distracted from its roles that are well defined in the 1999 constitution (as amended).