POC: A Rash Decision, Yet Again, Against the Nigerian Masses
POC: A Rash Decision, Yet Again, Against the Nigerian Masses

POC: A Rash Decision, Yet Again against Poor Nigerian Masses

Let the Poor Breathe…

The Federal Government of Nigeria, under the hands of ‘the selected’, TINUBU, has allegedly imposed an annual fee of N1,000 on motorists for proof of ownership certificates.

For years, Nigeria and Nigerians have been suffering under the poor decisions of APC leaders, which has made their lives tough. Nigerians under the 8-year reign of Buhari experienced with their own eyes how food and other basic amenities and needs increased.

The lives of people have been wasted in the last few years, but all this has never stopped the gigs that flow into the so-called leaders’ pockets. Now, in the early days of Tinubu’s temporary time in Aso-villa, a new money-sucking straw has been injected and passed into law: every average Nigerian who hardly earns must pay a thousand Naira for POC verification. This is seen as generating revenue for the government, which is both inappropriate and cruel.

Nigeria Motorists
“One who has no plan would claim his No-plan is a plan,”

Amidst this turbulent time of hardship and thorns placed on Nigerians by Tinubu through his shabby and unwise removal of subsidies with no counterpoints and plans to absurdly shock the masses, A poor decision from a self-centered leader and leaders that has so far made life too expensive and unbearable to live.

It is said that “One who has no plan would claim his No-plan is a plan,” and this decision from the FG under the watch of Tinubu has made truth of this saying. The selected, who only reigns on borrowed time, has yet again failed heavily in considering how costly and unbearable his decision is over the removal of subsidies.

He failed to consider how much motorists spend on getting fuel for their daily work, not considering how many tickets those motorists are compulsorily asked to buy daily, and not also putting into consideration how frequently the Nigeria police forcefully and illegally ask these motorists to pay tips daily, which failure to do would cost them an arrest, physical abuse (slapping, booting, hitting, e.t.c.), and all sorts of approaches.

With all these, it is easy to say that the Federal Government under Tinubu, and his rash cabinet do not care about the masses but just themselves. These are supposed Leaders who are supposed to make life easier, but the reverse is the case in this Time of TINUBU.

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