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Nigeria Police Commence 24-Hour Surveillance on Second Niger Bridge to Prevent Vandalism

In response to recent reports of theft and vandalism on the Second Niger Bridge shortly after its opening, the Nigeria Police Force has implemented a 24-hour surveillance program to protect the bridge from further acts of vandalism. Police personnel have been stationed on the bridge to ensure its safety and security.

The security measure was put in place after road fittings were stolen from the bridge, specifically the expansion joint walkway from the bridge’s axis 330.

To prevent further incidents, the Anambra Command of the Nigerian Police, in collaboration with the Delta State Command, announced the initiation of round-the-clock intensive surveillance of the national asset.

According to CP Aderemi Adeoye, the commissioner of police for Anambra, the surveillance will be both stationary and mobile, covering both day and night observations. Adeoye emphasized that those contemplating any further criminal activities on the bridge should abandon such thoughts, as they will be apprehended and brought to justice.

The police are determined to protect the Second Niger Bridge, a critical infrastructure project, and ensure its continued safety for the public. #Nigeria Police

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