Nigerian Doctor Named Advisory Board Member At Generation Democracy

Kogi-born medical practitioner, Zainab Sulaiman has emerged “African Representative” at Global Member Advisory Board, Generation Democracy.

Dr Zainab

Who is Zainab Sulaiman?

Zainab Sulaiman popularly called ‘Dr Zee’ is an Abuja-based medical doctor with a wealth of experience in child development care.

Dr Zee who was born to a family of seven has taken off her career at the Kaduna State University and later proceeded to Crimea State University, Russia. Graduated from Uzhgorod National University Ukraine in 2019.

The poet also earned Diploma in Cosmetology, Fashion design and Reflexology.

She has vehemently lent her voice for struggles to curtail violations of human rights, especially by officers of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), particularly those that involve torture, extra–judicial killings, extortion and other forms of abuses.

To her, the protection of the rights of Nigerians is supposed to be a major concern and objective of the people in government.

Her unwavering love towards childcare and women empowerment in society is fascinating. She has many journals to her credit.

Through her community-based medical outreach, she has championed many causes in the reproductive health sphere including education about birth control, pregnancy, infections, medications and treatments. Providing pregnancy options and has carried out HIV/AIDS screenings and counseling.

In 2021, Zainab became first Nigerian young woman to be conferred Doctor of Science (DSc) award in Child Developmental Science.

She is currently the Vice President of Human Rights Watch and Youth Empowerment Foundation. She was named Kogi Fast Rising Star in 2022 and also in list of 100 most powerful young Nigerians by World Entourage, among other notable recognitions.

As an Advisory Board member, Dr Zainab said she is committed to championing the values of democracy, ensuring that all individuals can raise their voices without fear, and participating in a free and fair political process.

She also expressed her readiness to create an environment where young people gain the skills, opportunities, and empowerment they need to shape their communities, countries and the world at large.

“To the young people who form the heart and soul of Generation Democracy, I am profoundly honoured to be your advocate, your mentor, and your voice.

“Our shared mission to empower the next generation of leaders is a noble one, and I pledge to work tirelessly to ensure that your voices are heard and your contributions are recognised. Together, we will break down barriers, challenge existing systems, and create a future where every young person has the opportunity to shape their own destiny,” she disclosed in her acceptance speech.

Generation Democracy is an international organisation that offers young leaders a platform to discuss opportunities and strategies for mobilizing their peers so that they can create a shared vision to help advance youth participation in civic and political processes.

The International Republican Institute (IRI) launched Generation Democracy in 2015, a global network of young leaders across 70 countries, to help young changemakers forge national and transnational alliances to build more resilient, inclusive and transparent democracies.

IRI hosted its second annual Generation Democracy Global Summit in May 2018, bringing together 40 young leaders from 35 countries (including both closing and opening spaces) to discuss pathways to promote youth leadership and strategies to move issues from protest to policy.

It currently boasts of 280 members and 50 alumni from 80 countries, who according to its website, have access to opportunities that increase their capacity to effectively mobilize young people, champion democratic reform, as well as tackle barriers to meaningful youth participation to build more resilient, responsive, and inclusive democracies.