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Nigerian Leaders Empty, Lack Passion for Development of the Country – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo expressed strong criticism of Nigerian leaders on Monday, accusing many of them of being empty and lacking in their efforts to drive development in the country.

Obasanjo made these remarks during the public presentation of a book titled ‘Reclaiming the Jewel of Africa,’ authored by Olusegun Aganga, a former Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment and Minister of Finance.

In his keynote address delivered in Abuja, OBJ voiced his concerns about the state of development in Nigeria and the role of its leaders in driving progress. He highlighted the need for more effective and proactive leadership in addressing the challenges facing the nation.

The former president’s remarks come at a time when Nigeria is grappling with various socio-economic issues and seeking to make strides in its development journey. Obasanjo’s criticism serves as a call to action for current and future leaders to step up and take on the responsibility of driving positive change in the country.

As the public presentation of Aganga’s book provides a platform to discuss and reflect on Nigeria’s development trajectory, Obasanjo’s remarks underscore the urgency of addressing issues and finding solutions to foster sustainable growth and progress for the nation and its people.

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