Nigerians Berate US Vice President, Kamala Harris, Over Legitimacy Comments on Bola Tinubu

Nigerians have expressed strong disapproval towards US Vice President Kamala Harris for comments made in a Twitter post seemingly legitimizing the presidency of Bola Tinubu. The tweet sparked criticism from Nigerian citizens who question the validity of Tinubu’s presidency and accuse him of alleged criminal activities.

In her tweet, Vice President Harris mentioned speaking with “President Tinubu of Nigeria” and highlighted the strong ties between the two countries and their cooperation on global and regional issues. However, Twitter users responded with scathing remarks, condemning Harris for seemingly endorsing a leader they believe came to power through electoral manipulation.

Many Twitter users criticized Kamala Harris for referring to Tinubu as president despite concerns about the legitimacy of his election. Some users accused Harris of gaslighting Nigerians and questioned her reference to “defending democracy” when addressing a leader with alleged electoral irregularities.

One tweet suggested that the conversation between Harris and Tinubu may have deeper implications, possibly involving a coup or political instability in Nigeria, while raising concerns about the role of the judiciary.

The criticisms come in the context of the recent coup in the Niger Republic, a member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), of which Nigeria is a leader. Nigerians expect their government to issue a strong statement condemning the coup and devising plans in response.

The shared video from a South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) analyst further highlighted doubts about ECOWAS’s strength under Nigeria’s leadership, citing legitimacy issues with Nigeria’s President as a potential contributing factor.

As reactions from Nigerian citizens continue to circulate on social media, the comments made by the US Vice President have ignited a debate over the validity and credibility of leadership in Nigeria, drawing attention to issues of democracy and governance in the country.

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