Nigerians Demand Accountability as the Lagos Government Plans to Bury Endsars Victims

Endsars: Lagos Government Plans to Bury Victims

When innocent protesters lost their lives in the Lekki massacre on October 20, 2020, Nigeria was shaken to the brim, as the nation sent the military and police to kill unarmed protesters waving the Nigerian Flag. it was also more painful with the deaths that followed aftermath of the peaceful protest. Since this national tragedy, the Lagos State Government, under Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu, has come under fire for its handling of the tragic incident.

Recent reports alleging a secret plan to bury 103 victims of the Endsars victims have further intensified public outrage and demands for accountability. The blatant inconsistencies in the government’s narrative and lack of responsibility have left many Nigerians questioning their leaders’ intentions and calling for justice.

Denial and misinformation were prominent features of Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu’s initial response to the Lekki massacre. Despite overwhelming evidence from pictures and videos that pointed to the contrary, the governor claimed that only two lives were lost during the incident. This denial was broadcast to the nation and the world, causing widespread disbelief and anger among citizens who had witnessed the violence through social media posts and firsthand accounts.

The gaslighting of Nigerian citizens by their own government further compounded the trauma caused by the Lekki massacre and subsequent loss of lives aftermath the protests. Instead of acknowledging the tragedy and offering condolences to the affected families, the government chose to discredit the evidence and question the sanity of those who dared to challenge their narrative. This callous attitude only deepened the wounds of the victims’ families and eroded public trust in the authorities.

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The recent release of a letter titled “LETTER OF NO OBJECTION MASS BURIAL FOR THE 103, THE YEAR 2020 ENDSARS VICTIMS” by the state ministry of health has brought to light the government’s attempt to bury the Lekki massacre victims without proper public acknowledgement. The letter revealed that the Lagos State Government engaged the services of a private firm, Messrs. Tos Funeral Ltd., at a cost of N61,285,000 to bury the 103 identified victims. This revelation has left many Nigerians appalled and questioning the government’s motives.

The audacity of the Lagos State Government to carry out a secret mass burial of victims of Endsars without any form of transparency or accountability is deeply troubling. Nigerians are demanding answers from Governor Sanwo Olu and the Nigerian government as a whole. The lack of remorse and responsibility exhibited by those in power showcases a dangerous level of impunity, raising concerns about the state of governance and human rights in the country.

The wounds inflicted by the Lekki massacre are profound and enduring. The loss of innocent lives on that fateful day and aftermath, can never be forgotten, and the pain of the victims’ families will remain forever. However, true healing and closure can only begin with an honest acknowledgement of the events and a commitment to ensuring justice is served.

The Lagos State Government’s plan to bury the 103 victims in secrecy has reignited the collective outrage and demand for accountability among Nigerians. The blatant display of impunity and lack of empathy by those in positions of authority only deepens the wounds caused by the tragic incident.

It is time for the Nigerian government to face the truth, take responsibility for its actions, and work towards ensuring justice and healing for the victims’ families and the nation as a whole. Only then can Nigeria move forward towards a future that respects the dignity and rights of all its citizens. #EndSars


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