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Nigerians Roast Tinubu Over ‘Fuel Subsidy Meant for Elites’ Comment

Bola Tinubu who is currently under pressure amid the current hardship in Nigeria has released a statement revealing his stance on fuel subsidy.

However, Nigerians have accused the APC candidate in the last February 25 presidential election of being hypocritical concerning removal of fuel subsidy as his action contradicted what he did in 2012 against the then PDP-led government.

In a video seen by Parallel Facts, Tinubu had said fuel subsidy is only beneficiary to a few Nigerian elites and not for the generality of the populace while appealing to Nigerians to be patient with his administration.

This did not however sit well with many Nigerians who described the statement as “reckless” and “insensitive”.

Read some reactions culled from Facebook and Twitter:

Stephen Emmanuel: “Biggest lie ever told by our politicians, how come no one has ever named these few elites benefitting from fuel subsidy.”

Abubakar Sani: “Almost all Nigerians are suffering from the removal of oil subsidy, while those few elite you remove subsidy because of them are still enjoying it.”

Ugochukwu Mike: “The few elites are more powerful than your government and Nigeria in general, keep on playing.”

Abiodun Jimoh: “If Tinubu says this is black check it very well, it may be white. Who led the protest when formal president Jonathan wanted to remove subsidy? Then there was nothing like subsidy.. Said by Tinubu then.”

Leonard Olufemi Alabi: “You have come out in your true colors.,but unfortunately,non of your family members are going through the trauma.”

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