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Nigerians welcome Peter Obi with the National Anthem on a Space Talk

On a Twitter Space hosted by Parallel Fact Media House, His Excellency Peter Obi was Invited by Emir Sirdam, and Peter Obi honored the invitation. On his arrival on the space around at exactly 6 p.m., the Nigerian national Anthem was used to honor him as a sign of respect for who Peter Obi is.

Parallel Fact understands that the whole of Nigeria is eager to listen to the Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, who is tagged as the “rightful winner of the last Presidential Election” held in March.

The parallel fact-hosted space has lots of popular “well-meaning Nigerians,” like David Hundeyin and many others.

As of the time of this report, the space is occupied by over 18,000 listeners across the world, which once again brings Nigerians together as one.

His punctuality in the space is also noticed and well appreciated, a characteristic of Peter Obi as a True leader.

The last space of his kind that was hosted was 7th on the list of the biggest Twitter spaces, and that of tonight is also one to watch out for.

Peter Obi has promised to answer lots of questions from Nigerians and offer his voice to both the obedient and every other Nigerian.

EXCLUSIVE: ALL Questions Asked: Peter Obi Live on Parallel Facts!

Parallel Facts with Peter Obi Live
Peter Obi Live
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