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BREAKING: Nine Allegedly Killed By Fulani Herdsmen In Benue State

In separate attacks on towns in the Benue State local governments of Apa and Gwer West, gunmen who are thought to be Fulani herdsmen have killed nine people.

According to reports, three individuals died in Apa LGA and six people perished in the Uchen community of Gwer West LGA.

According to Mr. Eche Akpoko, national chairman of the Apa Development Association, alleged herdsmen invaded and attacked Akpanta, Ochumeko, and Ijaha villages on Friday and Saturday.

He stated, “Three persons were slain at Ijaha village by the attackers, while Akpanta and Ogwuji villages were set on fire.

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The traditional ruler of Makurdi, Vincent Aule, spoke about the attack on the Ucheen community. He said that the herders killed six people in the hamlet. He also said that a family member of the deceased fell and died upon witnessing his relatives’ dead bodies.

The border settlement of Adaka in Makurdi was where it occurred, as the traditional chief stated. On Monday, they arrived at 2:30 a.m. and killed about six people.

“They murdered a mother along with her husband and child. When they arrived and killed three of them, they were sleeping. Then they also murdered three more people. They were on the ground when a man arrived that morning and slumped. He was taken to the hospital, but he subsequently passed away.

The king described the attack as a pitiful sight. He claimed to have visited the scene on Tuesday morning with the police.

“These people (herders) weren’t a problem, but they kept showing up to attack the locals. We have informed the security advisor and the police commissioner,” Aule stated.